Just like most of the Philippines’ economic sectors severely affected by the pandemic, the recovery process for the Real Estate Market has been sluggish, but has gained momentum ever since the economy fully opened.

The government’s decision to continue many of the programs initiated by the previous administration promoted stability, allayed uncertainties of economic stakeholders, and allowed the business of economic recovery to continue smoothly. One such program is Build, Build, Build (BBB).

In Metro Manila (MM) so far, the BBB program has been responsible for the rehabilitation of the MRT-3 which has greatly helped the public in their daily commute from the northern to the southern part of the metro. Repair and construction of roads and highways including the building of Skyway Stage-3 which has greatly improved travel time from MM going to the northern part of Luzon has been attributed to the BBB. These projects have decongested major roads, enabling faster exchange of products and services and increased the accessibility of Central Business Districts throughout MM thereby gaining newfound interest of real estate investors to open up businesses there.

Source: https://mb.com.ph